Benefits of digitalisation and upskilling workforce in the F&B industry

Benefits of digitalisation and upskilling workforce in the F&B industry

When every industry is reaping the benefits of digitalisation, why not the F&B industry? Adapting to technological advancements will not only help the industry grow but also help individuals develop their skills so they can do more for the F&B business.

But what does digitalisation mean for this industry? Customers can make reservations, place orders, view menus online, and so much more. Technology can also be adopted for internal processes such as marketing and sales management, logistics, and training. The data generated over the software can then be analysed to increase efficiency and manage costs. On top of these benefits, using technology to carry out business operations is especially advantageous during this pandemic where social distancing is encouraged.

However, as an F&B business it is not only necessary to switch to tech for internal processes but also to upskill their workforce. With new operating policies introduced by the government due to Covid-19 along with new competitions, current employees will need to keep up to stay relevant.

Thus, digitalisation allows the management to produce dynamic and interactive training material online. This makes it easier to grasp the attention of workers during training and produces more aware and confident employees. What’s more? Tech can help reduce manual hours needed to provide onsite training and lower inconveniences to managers and colleagues.

Arclab’s nano-learning platform helps F&B businesses do just that. Using ArcLab’s platform, managers can create online modules to train and provide SOP manuals to workers. These modules can then be accessed directly through a web link. The software can not only upskill current employees but also train new hires!

Despite tons of advantages, some companies might still find it hard to adopt tech like ArcLab, especially people who resist new technological changes. Such intolerance from employees could result in extra work and costs incurred by the management while introducing digitalisation.

Concerns like these is why in Singapore not all F&B businesses are looking into investing in this area from their own pockets. Hence, to aid this change the government has stepped in. With the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) provided by the Singaporean government up to 80% of the expenditure of the switch to digitalisation can be supported.

The adoption of digital solutions can make life easier for not just the management and the workforce. Investment in digitalisation can give the businesses operating in the F&B industry an edge in the competitive arena.

Employees who are well versed with the standard operating procedures of the organization will tend to make fewer errors; data collected during the online training could be collated and used to make a more effective learning experience for the future. So why wait when the government is supporting your decision as well?

You can try ArcLab for F&B businesses here.

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