F&B Businesses

ArcLab for F&B Businesses

Deliver Training & SOPs to your staff digitally. Both Front & Back of House.

F&B establishments use ArcLab to introduce Training and Standard Operating Procedures to staff, digitally & fuss-free.

See the experience of Fei Siong Group one of Singapore’s largest casual dining and quick-service restaurant companies with 15 brands and over 150 outlets operating in Singapore and Malaysia.

“ArcLab online modules, which are delivered in staff’s native language or dialect, are easy to understand as well as encouraging. They are able to access the modules on their mobile at work without needing to install anything.”

Ms Elaine Siow – Head (Learning & Development), Fei Siong Group

ArcLab’s platform is also flexible to be used for Visitor Health Declarations, Staff Appraisals etc.

Here are creative ways that F&B businesses use ArcLab.

We also have 5 training modules for Food Hygiene Training, crucial for every F&B business.

Proper and effective employee training ensures we don’t get onto the front page of the newspapers for the WRONG REASONS

WSQ/SFA accreditation available soon.

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