ArcLab is growing

Upskilling the World's Deskless Workforce

ArcLab is a team of educators, designers and technologists working together to create the world’s simplest training system to upskill the world’s deskless workforce.

It’s a huge endeavour – there are 2.7 billion of such workers in the world, 250 million in Southeast Asia alone. We’ve gotten great results, achieving solid results with a very lean team to-date.

We’re now growing the team to so we can accelerate our growth in Southeast Asia (Malaysia and Vietnam in 2023), and help many more organisations to onboard, train and support their workforces in a fuss-free & effective way.

Who we're looking for

To help us achieve our mission, we’re looking for talented folks for these roles:

1. UI/UX Design Lead – Our design philosophy is Simplicity, because the Deskless Workforce doesn’t have bandwidth or infrastructure for Complexity. If you have a passion for understanding users’ needs and pain points, and can design the simplest way to get the job done, there’s a product design role waiting for you. Check the ArcLab platform out too:

2. Learning Design Lead – ArcLab is a tech platform but ultimately a skilling company. If you can help us build up our mobile learning andragogical practice (see ArcLab Discover:, and work with & educate customers on their L&D frameworks and training rollouts, we want to hear from you. [Update: Position filled! ☺️ ]

3. Customer Success Lead – ArcLab is a B2B SaaS company – we serve labour-intensive businesses across various industries e.g. Food ServicesConstructionLogisticsRetail and also Non-Profit Organisations. If you love working with people, helping customers’ HR and L&D leaders and managers to do well for their people and organisation, both individually and for a wider audience (see ArcLab Academy:, reach out. [Update: Position filled! ☺️ ]

4. Sales & Marketing Lead (based in Malaysia 🇲🇾) – ArcLab is a product-led growth (“PLG”) company. The majority of businesses find us through stellar content marketing (notice how this blog post has targetted keywords so searchers can find us…). So if you’re passionate about inbound, can get into the weeds with SEO (e.g. ArcLab ranks on Google’s Page 1 for “Train F&B staff”), and also able to do sales-related work like PQL intro calls, follow-ups, please get in touch. [Update: Position filled! ☺️ ]

5. Software Engineer – We’re a well-architected SaaS platform. If you like simple-to-use software, love building and experimenting, and are passionate about organisation and maintainability of the codebase, our CTO Steven (who is ex-PayPal and had successfully exited a business to Rocket Internet before) is looking for you. Work with, and learn from Steven.

If you are (or know someone who can be) a good fit, we’re interested to speak with you. 

We don’t need you to have years of experience, and you’ll notice the job listings don’t ask for any minimum academic or formal qualifications – that’s because we believe that (i) passion for your chosen discipline, (ii) a great attitude towards people and (iii) the drive to learn whatever you need to do you job – are the most important traits for a would-be ArcLab-er.

If we can sync up on these 3 areas above, we’re ready to work with you and give you time to grow into the role that you join us for.

Why join ArcLab?

We’ve been recognised globally – featured in Holon IQ’s Southeast Asia Ed Tech 50 for 3 years running, and part of GSV Ventures’ Elite 200 2022, one of only 10 from Southeast Asia.

We’re a driven team yet nice, humble people. See what we get up to on our Twitter page.

We’re doing noble work – ArcLab’s platform empowers businesses to uplift the skills, lives and livelihoods of blue-collar, deskless, frontline workers who’re so crucial to our economies and societies, but yet are severely underserved by current market skilling solutions.

We’re a disciplined business – We don’t subscribe to the scorched-earth, grow-at-all-costs business model. We build efficiently, do a lot with very little and are here to build a sustainable, profitable and impactful business that will be around for a long time.

Hero Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

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