Support your Workforce with Digital SOPs

Digitise SOPs for EVERY worker

Support your workforce by digitising the procedure manuals they need for their work tasks, readily-accessible on their mobile devices.

Boost Employee Performance with Proper Support

Provide each staff with the organisation’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), product manuals and other performance support materials on mobile. 

Build and deliver modules online so for staffs’ easy access for day to day tasks. Supporting your workforce improves employee knowledge and employees spend less time figuring out tasks as their reference materials are online. 

Online modules in turn become a driver for efficiency, improving employee performance.

Benefits Of Delivering SOP Modules Online

Say goodbye to grimy, hard copy SOP binders that are difficult for staff to access.

Having modules accessible at any time can be beneficial to help employees adjust quickly into the organisation and perform efficiently. 

As employees are able to refer to the materials they need for day to day tasks, they can retain the information much faster, use less learning time, with more employees accessing SOPs at one time.