Onboard New Hires Digitally

Get your new hires up to speed

Give each new hire their individualised 1st-day orientation module and get your workforce contributing to your organisation faster than before.

Set Up Your Workforce For Efficiency And Productivity

A well-thought onboarding programme can drive efficiency and productivity. 

By delivering the information and resources promptly to new hires, get the workforce will up to speed faster than before, as the transitioning into the company is made smooth and easy for them. 

Better yet, onboarding can now be delivered digitally, allowing modules to be accessible anytime and anywhere it is needed.

Digitalising Is Now Fast And Easy

With the use of ArcLab, onboarding modules can be made fast and easily with the use of templates and resources pre-prepared for you. 

ArcLab’s platform has an extensive range of features, including ArcLab SmartTranslate, so managers can deliver modules in any language, allowing modules to be customised to employees’ learning needs and language preferences.