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Build A Productive Workforce With ArcLab

ArcLab believes in training and upskilling the deskless workforce to increase business productivity and revenue. Our solution enables you to train with the use of mobile phones to save time and resources by helping you create your employee training programmes with LMS.

Anytime, anywhere, in any language. 

Input Your Own Content

Choose from ready made templates or input your own content for your training programmes. We give you the ability to create your own training programmes that is suited for your own staff.

ArcLab Smart Translate

ArcLab Smart translate has helped construction companies and companies with workers who speak different languages, deliver training content in the preferred language of their workers.

Ease Of Using ArcLab

ArcLab interface is easy to understand and it takes less than a day to prepare your training modules with ArcLab. With this, ArcLab helps to speed up your training process to save working time whilst saving cost for your business.

Upskill Your Workforce

Southeast Asia has a large underserved workforce. In Malaysia alone, there are 11 million blue-collar workers waiting to be skilled and trained for higher productivity. Yet many are not provided proper training due to the lack of resources, manpower and money in businesses.

ArcLab works towards solving this issue. We provide a platform where you can prepare training modules without having to use a lot of resources, manpower or money and can save time to drive productivity, eventually increasing revenue for your business.

Ways ArcLab Is Used By Industries

Some examples of how one can use ArcLab includes providing workplace safety training for construction, hygiene training for food establishments, SOP for factory workers, customer service for retail staff and more.

How ArcLab Helps Malaysian Businesses

Find out more on how businesses can save cost and training time whilst boosting productivity for their business through our free e-book.

ArcLab succeeded in helping 4Fingers Malaysia save 27 hours of training time per learner per month. Time spent in training and going through stacks of SOP binders can now be used to execute tasks to achieve a productive business.

4Fingers Malaysia

ArcLab Smart Translate

Examples below showcases how your training modules can be created in different languages. Modules in Malay are prepared using ‘ArcLab Smart Translate’ and does not take a long time to create. Click on the button below and explore how other F&B businesses conduct their employee training programmes.

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