The Next Big Thing: Upskilling



Recent studies conducted by Randstad showed that 85% of Malaysians and 91% of Singaporeans recognise the importance of upskilling, but a shocking 1 in 4 revealed that they have not received sufficient support from their employers. A further 36% of Malaysia respondents stated that they would contemplate leaving their current job should they be presented with more attractive career advancement opportunities.

It seems that employees understand the importance of upskilling. But as employers, do we?

Think of it as a computer software update – just like how computers need to undergo constant maintenance and updating, employees too, need to remain “up to date” by equipping themselves with necessary skills to stay relevant. Presented with ever changing market trends, in-demand skills and requirements, companies will never be able to predict what is the next big thing that dominates the market.

This is where efforts to upskill your employees come in useful. With proper training and equipped with new skill sets, they will be prepared to tackle and adapt quickly to new market developments.

Devoting company resources to upskill your employees is like making an investment in them. Providing employees with learning and career progression opportunities will inevitably boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Like most investments that are done strategically, you are bound to yield profitable returns. In this case, enhance employee retention and create a happy workforce.

ArcLab is here to support businesses, just like how employers support their employees.

Digitalising training is the way to go. Cut through the clutter of wordy training manuals, time consuming seminars and ineffective assessments. 

Digitalising your training materials with ArcLab does not require much effort. Simply upload them onto ArcLab’s platform (powered by AI) and leave the rest to us! Now, your employees can access online training modules on the go.

ArcLab believes in Nano Learning, also known as bite-sized learning. Online training modules can be easily broken down into succinct and easily digestible pieces of information for your employees to absorb and retain. 

Join companies in Malaysia like 4Fingers & Ahh-Yum by Kampong Kravers who have used ArcLab to train staff, and build your productive and profitable business.

It is time to evolve with this digital age. Let ArcLab help you so that you can help your employees.

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