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Editor’s Note: ArcLab believes in authentic learning. Students interning with us work on REAL projects to help them translate school-learnt theory into industry-relevant skills.

Singapore Polytechnic School of Computing student Claire Liew interned with ArcLab in 2019–20, working closely with our CTO Steven to build features of ArcLab’s mobile learning software platform. Claire was mature, self-driven, resourceful and had great design & coding chops. Guided by Steven, Claire led ArcLab’s dashboard upgrade — continuing ArcLab’s never-ending quest to build the World’s Simplest Learning System, to help organisations everywhere Upskill the World’s Deskless Workforce.

We interviewed Claire in in her last internship week to get her thoughts on building ArcLab’s new dashboard.


Claire Liew, ex-ArcLab super-intern | super-Software-Engineer

We are excited to introduce your Brand New ArcLab Dashboard! 🤗

I interviewed Claire about the upgrades we launched earlier this month.

Joanna (J): “Hi Claire! Thank you for working so hard on the new ArcLab Dashboard. We’ve been getting great feedback from users and wanted to tap your views on what went behind the new design”.

Claire (Cl): “Thank you! First let me explain what we built:

Sorting & Filtering your learning modules made easy

  • A search bar to search for a specific project name
  • View your projects in 2 categories: “Unfinished” or “Published projects”
  • Use the column headings on the table to sort your projects in ascending/ descending order based on Project Name or Recency
  • Delete or duplicate your projects just with the click of a button

These features save you the trouble of scrolling through your entire dashboard just to find that one module you are looking for!

More intuitive Navigation Bar

Features such as Project Settings and Learner Analytics have been moved to a more optimal and intuitive location in the Editor. Take a look at the graphic below, and also see ArcLab’s user guide for comprehensive step-by-step instructions!


Step-by-step guide to adding authorised learners

Compulsory Open-Ended Questions Toggle

We also now give users the option to make Open-Ended Questions compulsory. This is particularly important for Assessment modules (which we’re also considering ways to make the grading process more automated and intuitive — stay tuned for that).


Open-ended questions can now be made compulsory

Send Digital Certificates to Learners

We received feedback from many users asking if they could send a “completion” certificate to learners.

The answer is now YES. If you are an employer or content creator designing these modules for your learners, you can now personalise your employees’ learning by sending them digital NanoCreds (certificates) when they complete/ pass the module. The best part? Being able to include your OWN digital signature on the certificate as well!


Step-by-step guide to mail digital NanoCreds to learners, personalised with your e-signature

J: “Wow, Claire. I hope ArcLab users will enjoy this update as much as I do! So why did ArcLab include these features?”

Cl: “We included these features because we keep learning from our users to keep improving the platform so it can better serve user needs.

We had received feedback that the ArcLab dashboard should let users more easily visualise all the learning modules and analytics at one go. So we took it on board and iterated our design to help users do just that.

By improving your module editor in the other small ways I described above, we hope creating #nanolearning modules can be made even more fuss-free and personalised (for you and your learners)! As we get more user feedback, ArcLab will keep improving the platform.”

J: “Thanks for sharing Claire! Just one more thing — could you possibly give us a sneak peak of what we can expect in the next update?”

Cl: “Of course, do stay tuned because here’s what ArcLab’s dev team is building:

What are we building next?

Our team keeps working hard to listen to users and build what’s needed to best solve user organisations’ training pain points. We will soon release:

  • Video Uploads (for ArcLab PRO users) — this adds to Youtube/Vimeo videos you can already embed directly into ArcLab modules
  • Explanations for MCQ Answers — allowing your learners to see individualised explanations based on their answers

…and several more which you should follow our blog to find out 😉 ”

J: “Thank you for your hard work, Claire! What did you learn most from your time with ArcLab?”

Cl: “I learned how rewarding it is to be able to ship live features tailored to our users’ needs. Also, I’ve learned a lot of technical and soft skills from everyone here at ArcLab. It was definitely an enriching experience for me.”

J: “It’s been really great to be team-mates. All the best to your future endeavours!”

Postscript— Claire graduated from Singapore Polytechnic and will soon start her undergraduate studies at Singapore Management University. We wish her the very best and hope she considers us favourably when contemplating future employment opportunities 😊

Meanwhile, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please drop us an email, we would love to hear from you. ArcLab continues to work hard to #Upskill the World’s Deskless Workforce. Always #Day1.

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