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Fuss-Free Nano learning platform to improve your workforce performance through just-in-time, bite-sized, Mobile Learning. Built for the Deskless Workforce.

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Give each new hire their individualised 1st-day orientation module by customising your modules to fit your company and employees’ needs. 


Continuously upskill your workforce to boost employee performance and business productivity with engaging and effective training. Just-in-time, Just-enough, Just-for me.


Conduct pulse surveys, employee appraisals and peer reviews with extensive ready-to-use templates. Track and gather survey responses anytime and anywhere.


Digitise all content for efficient referral on work tasks. Provide Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), Product Manuals and other Performance Support Materials directly to staff mobile devices.

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With over 1,600 employees, of whom many are aged 40 to 60 years old and speak predominantly Mandarin and/or various dialects, ArcLab is a cost-effective solution that could overcome language barriers, ensure consistency in training, and provide the ability to track each employee’s learning progress.

Mr Mervin Lee, VP (Corporate Development Group), Fei Siong Group

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