Effective Workplace Learning

Helping your workforce in different areas of their journey right from when they join you


Help your new hires feel welcome and hit the ground running.

Get them up to speed with ArcLab’s Nano Learning platform.

Help your workforce to to start contributing to your organisation more quickly.

Compliance Training

Help your workforce to ​continuously upskill and be ready to perform.

Provide them with on-the-job Nano Learning. Anytime. Anywhere.

Create required training.

​Just-in-Time with ArcLab.

Understand Your Workforce

ArcLab is so simple for your workforce.

Use ArcLab’s extensive Nano Learning screen templates.

Conduct Pulse surveys, Peer Reviews.

Track responses and analyse data.

Performance Support

Use ArcLab’s platform to Digitise Product Training, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other Training Materials.

Support your workforce with the content they need for their work tasks, readily-accessible on their mobile devices.

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Time for Action

Help your team reach their full potential with Nano Learning