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Add, Edit, Delete Learners

Note: Please refer to our previous ArcLab User Guide if you’re still using the earlier version of the Learner Management System. 

The Learners Dashboard on your Builder account is a centralised area for you to manage all the learners in your organisation. This is where you will add, edit (learners’ details), and delete your learners. Here, you can also organise or allocate your learners into different learner groups (e.g. region, job roles, outlets, stores, worksites) to facilitate delivery of targeted training modules/folders to specific groups of learners.

Adding Learners

1. Click the Learners tab on your Project Dashboard.

2. Click + Add New Learner.

3. Enter the learner’s ID (e.g. Employee/Student/Learner ID), Name, Email OR Phone Number (with country code). You can also assign the learner into a Learner Group by clicking on Manage Learner Groups. Once done, click + Add Learner

⚠️ Note: ArcLab uses learner’s ID as a unique identifier to prevent addition of duplicate learners.

Editing Learners

1. Search for a particular learner using the Search Bar on your Learners Dashboard. You may search using their ID, Name, Email, Phone, or Group. 

2. You can perform a quick edit of learner’s details (ID, Name, Email, Phone) in-line by clicking on the Edit icon.

3. To edit the learner’s group, click on the Details icon.

4. Click Manage Learner Groups to edit/update the learner’s group. Then, click Update.

5. You may also edit the learner’s details (ID, Name, Email, Phone) accordingly. Then, click Save Changes 

Deleting Learners

⚠️ Note: Learners deleted from your Learners Dashboard will no longer have access to all your private modules/folders. All their completion progress and statuses will also be lost. 

1. Search for a particular learner using the Search Bar on your Learners Dashboard. You may search using their ID, Name, Email, Phone, or Group. 

2. Click the Thrash Bin icon to delete the learner. Then, click Delete.

3. To delete multiple learners at once, select the learners with the checkbox, then click the Delete button at the top. Then, click Delete.


Please drop us an email at support@arclab.io with the name of your ArcLab Builder account and the details (e.g. Name, ID, Email, or Phone) of the learner(s) that you’ve deleted. We’ll try to recover the learners’ data and progress for you.

Check if the email address or phone number of the learner is valid. For phone numbers, ensure that you have included the country code (e.g. 65 9876 5432) at the front of the number. 

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