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Learner Groups

Note: Please refer to our previous ArcLab User Guide if you’re still using the earlier version of the Learner Management System. 

Learner Groups are a great way for you to organise all your learners on Arclab. You can group your learners based on their region, location, department, cohort, employment statuses, job roles, worksites, outlets etc. 

Learner Groups are especially useful if you have differentiated training content for different groups of learners in your organisation or if you wish to be able to compare learning performance between different groups (e.g. outlet A vs outlet B). 

Creating Learner Groups

1. Click the Groups tab on your Learners Dashboard.

2. Click + Create New Group.

3. Enter Group Name and Description of the Learner Group.

4. Click Manage Learners to allocate learners into the Learner Group. Then, click Update.

5. Click on Manage Subgroups to allocate other Learner Subgroups into the Learner Group (i.e. “Supergroup”). Then, click Update.

6. Once done, click on Save Changes.

7. You can also allocate learners into your Learner Groups from the People tab on your Learners Dashboard. Select the learners with the checkbox, then click the Add To button at the top. Select the group(s) that you want to add the learners into, then click + Bulk Add

8. To bulk allocate learners into your Learner Groups using an Excel spreadsheet, go to the People tab on your Learners Dashboard, click Upload > Download. Enter the group(s) for each learner under the Groups column of the spreadsheet. Then, reupload the updated spreadsheet onto your Learners Dashboard. 

Bulk Create Learner Groups

1. Go to the Groups tab of your Learners Dashboard, then click the Upload button.

2. Click View to view a template of the Excel spreadsheet to be uploaded. You may also access it directly here.

3. Click File Download > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

4. Using the template provided, enter the relevant group names and group descriptions (optional) into the respective columns accordingly. Keep all column headers unchanged

5. On your Learners Dashboard > Upload, drag & drop or click on the file drop zone to upload your completed Excel spreadsheet. 

6. Check and ensure that your learner group details are correct, then click Confirm.

Bulk Add To / Edit / Delete Existing Learner Groups

1. Go to Learners Dashboard > Upload > Download.

2. Enter the new learner groups & descriptions (optional) into the respective columns accordingly. You may leave the ArcLab ID column empty for the new learner groups. You may also edit or delete the existing learner groups but do not modify or delete the ArcLab ID column of the existing learner groups. Keep all column headers unchanged. 

3. On your Learners Dashboard > Upload, drag & drop or click on the file drop zone to upload your updated Excel spreadsheet. 

4. Check and ensure that your learner group details are correct/updated, then click Confirm.

Editing Learner Groups

1. You can perform a quick edit of your Learner Group’s name & description in-line by clicking on the Edit icon. 

2. You can delete your Learner Groups by clicking on the Thrash Bin icon. Deleting Learner Groups does not delete the learners within.

3. To re-allocate Learners/Learner Subgroups in your Learner Group, click on the Details icon.

4. Click Manage Learners or Manage Subgroups to perform your re-allocation of Learners and Learner Subgroups for the Learner Group accordingly. Then, click Update.

5. Once done, click on Save Changes.


Yes, learners can be allocated into multiple different Learner Groups. 

A Supergroup is a higher-level group that consists of multiple Learner Subgroups. For example, you may have individual Learner Groups for your Service Crew, Restaurant Managers, Chefs, and Baristas. You may allocate these groups together to form a Supergroup: “Operations Staff“. 

This way, if you have training content for all the operations staff in your organisation, you can simply assign the Supergroup: “Operations Staff” to your folder/module rather than having to assign each Learner Group (i.e. Service Crew, Restaurant Managers, Chefs, and Baristas) individually. 

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