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Design & Themes

You can customise the look and feel of your module from the Design tab (bottom right) of your Editor. 

Customise Theme

1. Font. Select and change the font style of your text

2. Color of on-screen elements. Select and change the color of your on-screen elements (e.g. body text, button) using the color picker or the hex code/RGBA values.

3. Change Background Image / Color

  • Upload your own background image (ideal dimension: 828 x 1472 pixels)
  • Pick the background color using the color picker or the hex code/RGBA values
  • Add a background overlay and/or adjust the opacity of the background color using the slider

4. Change Logo Image. Click to upload your organisation’s or your own desired logo onto the screen.

Select Preset Themes

You can also browse and choose from our selection of preset themes. Simply click and apply!


Not at this moment unfortunately. Currently, there are only Open Sans & Garamond font that you can choose from but we’re working hard to bring more fonts to you! 💪🏻

Not at this moment. Currently, the configured background/design/colours apply across all screens in your module. 

Try adding a background overlay to your background and then adjust the opacity slider accordingly to add more contrast to your text. You can do so by going to Design > Change Background Image / Color > Background Overlay.

There are many more preset themes and content templates that you can choose from on ArcLab Discover! Simply pick and adapt any one that you desire. Check out this article to learn more.

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