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Adding Screens to your Module

You can add a variety of screens to your module for different use cases (e.g. assessments, surveys) and/or to better engage your learners. Click on the + Add Screen button at the bottom left of your Editor and select from the different types of screens in the screen selection menu. Then, click Add this screen to add the selected screen to your module. 

Reorder screens. Adjust the sequence of the screens within your module by dragging and dropping them into a new location in the screen preview thumbnail panel on the left side of the Editor.

Screen navigation. Navigate to different screens by clicking on the specific screen within the screen preview panel, clicking on the or arrows at the top of your screen preview, or pressing the Up or Down arrows on your keyboard.

Export screens. Click on the export icon at the top of your screen preview to Export Current Screen as Image or Export All Screens as Images. An automatic download of your screen(s) in JPG format will begin shortly.

Duplicate screens. Click on the duplicate icon at the top of your screen preview to duplicate the selected screen along with its content and formatting. 

Delete screen. Click on the thrash bin icon at the top of your screen preview to delete the selected screen.

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