Digital SOPs

 Digital SOPs to better support your workforce

EDG support available!

ArcLab helps you get your workforce more productive by sending SOPs directly to their phones. 

No more clunky folders that get lost & aren’t available when they need it.

Here’s an example of a Digital SOP.

Use ArcLab to create one of your own to provide Performance Support to your staff, right on their phones.

You are eligible to apply for Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) support as long as your company is:

(i) a business entity registered & operating in Singapore,

(ii) with at least 30% local shareholding.

Digitise your SOPs with ArcLab!

​​Here’s something else for you.

We put together this FREE playbook to help you use Nano Learning in your organisation’s Learning & Development & Digitise your SOPs.

Download your playbook now.

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