The BEST Way To Train F&B Staff

The face of your F&B business

One of the most important factors that makes or breaks a business in the F&B industry is its staff, as they have the most interaction with customers. To maintain a good reputation and build rapport with your customers, your business has to ensure that all staff are well-trained, be it front-of-house or back-of-house staff. Every restaurant’s goal is to provide customers with excellent service and meal. To give your customers the best dining experience you can, these are some of the basic F&B staff training points:

  • Meeting Safety & Health requirements
  • Quick service to reduce customer waiting time
  • Familiarity with company and its products
  • Effective communication with confidence
  • Body language for customer service
  • Understanding of company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Training your F&B staff

Training F&B staff can be tedious and laborious, especially with so many rules, including those listed above. With company rules, guidelines, as well as SOPs, thick binders and 100-slide powerpoints have been the most common method of training for a long time. It’s time for change.

MOBILE Training your F&B staff

Mobile Training

Mobile training is a method of training in the flow of work for your F&B staff, which digitalises training documents into small, bite-sized modules for better understanding and more effective learning. Most studies have shown that the  maximum attention span of an average adult is 20 minutes. 

Thick binders and long hours of training will limit the amount of information absorbed by the employee, hence multiple short training modules will allow training to increase in effectiveness.


ArcLab has built the World’s Simplest Training System to help your restaurant create, deliver and track training all at once.  Digitalised SOPs and training materials can be sent out to your employees with a simple click. With ArcLab, training modules become interactive and engaging with options to embed visuals, as well as create short quizzes to facilitate your staff’s learning. Try it for yourself via this embedded module.

ArcLab's F&B case study (4Fingers)

4Fingers is a Singapore-born restaurant chain specialising in crispy Asian-styled fried chicken, with over 60 outlets across Asia.

Before adopting ArcLab, 4Fingers‘ operational manuals and SOPs were documented in binders kept in each outlet. Updating new content was laborious and costly across the different outlets and countries. Longer training time was required due to limited resources at each outlet. Workers also had to review lengthy texts in the binders to find specific information.

ArcLab's solution to F&B training

With ArcLab, 4Fingers’ staff now have access to the operational manuals and SOPs on their mobile devices, enabling training to take place anytime, anywhere. The static hard-copy binders are also replaced with more engaging and effective learning modules filled with visuals and activities. For training managers, updating content becomes much faster as ArcLab supports real-time editing of all information stored in the digital SOPs.

Results have shown:

  • 4Fingers’ HR and field training team achieved up to 27 hours time savings per staff per month.
  • Staff reduce time away from kitchens or cash counters, increasing productive time
  • Trainers save time by being able to distribute training modules remotely to staff mobile devices. For additional security, proprietary training materials are geofenced for access only at outlets.

How Mobile Training Benefits Non-Profit Organisations

The Non-Profit Sector

Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs or Non-Profits) are organisations that are driven by dedication to a specific cause instead of profit, such as giving back to the society through food or donations etc. Hence, NPOs often receive tax-exempt status from their governments. 

Here are some examples of NPOs in Singapore:

  • Montfort Care was founded in 2000. They provide family services, child protection service as well as cyber wellness and cyber care programmes for the youth and elderly. Their mission is to improve the lives of individuals, families and the community facing transitional changes.
  • Rainbow Centre is a registered charity and Institution of Public Character founded in 1987. Rainbow Centre serves persons with disabilities (PWDs) by providing practical education, meaningful support and effective training. Through their programmes, Rainbow Centre creates opportunities for PWDs to make the most of their abilities and participate meaningfully in society.
  • Care Corner is a NPO founded in 1981, that provides services for families, children, youths, seniors as well as mental health and wellness. Their mission to build hope and promote the well-being of individuals, as well as families in community through social and healthcare services.

Why Mobile Training for Non-Profits?

With good samaritans from all backgrounds and walks of life coming in to volunteer each day, providing them with standardised and timely training can be challenging. Even simple training sessions on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can take up to hours when having to conduct it multiple times in different languages. This is where ArcLab comes in.


ArcLab is a mobile training platform that enables you to digitalise your SOPs into bite-sized mobile learning modules. You can easily supplement your modules with interactive and engaging visuals and quizzes to help facilitate effective learning for your volunteers. Try it for yourself!

Mobile training enables your volunteers to undergo training on-the-go and at their own time. This helps to save training time and increase the organisation’s productivity.


ArcLab’s SmartTranslate empowers your learners to learn in their preferred language. This helps to save time as training or briefings do not have to be repeated in different languages.

Our modules are designed to be interactive and engaging with visuals and short quizzes to help facilitate effective learning of your volunteers. Try it for yourself!

Just-In-Time Training

ArcLab supports the delivery of Just-In-Time training to ensure all staff and volunteers are equipped with the relevant knowledge about the programmes prior. It also helps keep information fresh in the minds of the volunteers since the bite-sized training can be completed right before commencement of the programmes. Easily prepare your staff for events and activities through simple ArcLab modules.

How Montfort Care benefits from ArcLab

Montfort Care is a network of programmes committed to improving the lives of individuals, families and the community facing transitional changes. 

  • Previously, before using ArcLab, new hires had to sit through a full day of live 100-slides onboarding presentation on their first day, by various departments (such as HR, Finance & IT). For them, this method of staff induction was time-consuming and inefficient for both existing staff, as well as new hires. The process was also ineffective due to the information overload. 
  • Hence, Montfort Care digitalised their onboarding deck into a series of bite-sized ArcLab modules that are delivered straight to the staff’s mobile devices. This enables them to learn at their own time and pace, as well as refer to materials on-demand. At the same time, representatives from different departments no longer have to be physically present to conduct the onboarding presentation. The onboarding modules also included interactive quizzes which are embedded in the modules to engage and facilitate learning.
  • Montfort Care also embedded virtual office/office tour videos into their onboarding modules for new hires that were not able to physically visit any of their centres (primarily due to Covid Safe Management Measures). This allowed those new hires to experience the office/centres virtually through ArcLab modules.
  • Last but not least, ArcLab is also being used to supplement a “Montfort Care Amazing Race”, which is part of their new joiner orientation programme. Some of their modules will provide participants with clues, as well as details and descriptions of the location of certain centres that they will be visiting that day. Similarly, a virtual tour video is also embedded for participants to take a sneak peek before actually visiting the location.

ArcLab supports Non-Profit Organisations' noble missions with preferential pricing

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How to Plan Effective Mobile Training for Construction Safety

Construction Safety

Worker safety is of utmost importance in the construction industry as having higher accident rates may break your firm’s reputation. Construction work is laborious and physically draining, however nobody’s life should be compromised. To ensure a safe working environment, your workforce should always be practising the relevant safety procedures and taking proper safety measures. Hence, regular training should be provided for many reasons, such as:  

How to create an effective training plan

1. Defining needs and objectives

A clear understanding of your agenda makes the planning easier as the purpose of training will become apparent. Identifying accident-prone situations or hazardous equipment will help ensure that the training will cover safety measures relevant to the site.

2. Do research

After Step 1, do the research to make sure your safety tips are relevant. Go through the entire plan and curate the safety procedures in every step of the construction process. Compile all the useful information before moving on to Step 3, the final step.

3. Design and present

With all your relevant information from Step 2, it’s time to put together your very own safety training module. Design your training to suit your workers and keep it interactive as engaging training may help your staff retain the information easier. Keep the training simple as most of your construction workers may not be as well-educated. Know your workers well, so you can train them effectively.

Tired of using 100-slide PowerPoints or 100-page binders and documents? Take your workers’ training online with ArcLab

Why ArcLab benefits for construction firms?

Designing a simple, yet interactive and engaging training module doesn’t have to be difficult. ArcLab is building the World’s Simplest Training System to help businesses easily create, distribute and track training. With ArcLab, customization is limitless, from ready-made templates to designing your very own modules from scratch. Visit ArcLab Discover, our platform where we collect and display templates created by our builders from all over the world.

With our ArcLab Discover feature, your safety training modules can be translated with just a click and your workers will be able to select their preferred language before they commence training. This will take away the tedious procedure of having different trainers go down to the same site to conduct training in different languages. Such benefits are only possible with mobile training. Prioritise worker safety with ArcLab’s quick and easy training modules. Try it for yourself on the right.

ArcLab modules are created to be simple, yet effective and engaging to train many workers at once. Embedded images or videos, and short bite-sized quizzes can also be added to facilitate the training so you don’t have to. With a simple interface for builders, designing a training session has never been easier. Check out the video below to find out more.

Our Customer

In 2022, Woh Hup started using ArcLab to train their workers and ever since, results have been nothing but positive.

Based on the feedback we received, Woh Hup managed to save 47% of their workers’ training time and over 95% of them found ArcLab modules simple and easy to use. Their training departments are also able to save up to 200 hours on training every year.

We want to thank Woh Hup for treating worker safety seriously and prioritising their Workplace Safety & Health regulations.

If Woh Hup is benefitting from using ArcLab, why aren’t you?

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Ensuring Construction Worker Safety with Mobile Training

Construction Safety Time-out

Just a week ago, a safety time-out was set in place due to the unexpected rise in worksite fatalities. This situation caused some unrest and caught the eyes of many, including Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. PM Lee’s Facebook post reached out to the general public and served as a reminder that we, as a community, should NEVER take construction worker safety for granted. As PM Lee mentioned, “Since the beginning of this year, 20 people have died at work, in accidents of one kind or another — 10 in April alone. This is far too many, and not acceptable.”

Accidents can never be prevented as we are all human and make mistakes. However, every life lost is a life too many. With adequate training and emphasis on safety guidelines, I’m sure the accident rates will go down.

Prioritising Construction Worker Safety

As we sit in the comfort of our homes, offices, or anywhere, let us not forget how all these infrastructure came to be. Be it rain or shine, construction workers put in their blood, sweat and tears to build the Garden City we reside in today. Without them, how much of this will be a reality?

Last week, I wrote about my experience visiting one of Woh Hup’s construction sites and how it influenced my mindset on the current situation. I truly believe that though construction is physically laborious, it should never be dangerous or putting lives at stake. It also states how mobile training can reinforce construction safety training with bite-sized learning modules.

I want to take this opportunity to thank every worker in the construction industry, because without you, there would be no Singapore as prosperous as today’s.

Let us ensure a safe workplace for our construction workers while they part ways with their families to toil for us. Reinforced safety rules and regular risk assessment tests, everyone has a part to play in safety. No one’s safety should ever be compromised at work. We urge all companies to take safety reinforcement seriously. As we are all able to return to our families every day after work, let’s help our construction workers return to theirs too.

Woh Hup's Experience with Mobile Training

Thank you to Woh Hup for hosting our visit to their site. Since using ArcLab, Woh Hup managed to save 47% training time and over 95% of their workers found ArcLab simple and easy to use. Their training departments also managed to save up to 200 hours a year on training.

With ArcLab, safety procedures and guidelines can be conveyed through online learning modules, making training accessible anytime, anywhere. There is no need for a 100-slide Workplace Safety and Health powerpoint. Educate & ensure safety guidelines are met with ArcLab Mobile Training Platform – Anytime, Anywhere in Any Language

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Construction is NOT Dangerous

Workplace Fatalities

Due to the recent spike in workplace fatalities, a safety time-out is taking place in Singapore construction sites for two weeks. If you’ve been catching up with the news, you’d be well aware of the situation right now.

As Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong mentioned in a Facebook post, “We have been working hard for years to prevent workplace accidents, especially deaths. We have made good progress. But with our economy reopening and activities ramping up, safety standards and practices seemed to have slipped. Accident rates have gone up, and we have lost ground.

Back to "Normality"

As we Return to Office, or “normality”, workplace safety should never be taken lightly as precautions should always be adhered to. Here are some thoughts:

  • To say I can fully understand workplace danger and fatalities would be a lie since I work in the comfort of a fully air-conditioned and safe office, and sometimes from home (note: construction workers have no option to WFH).
  • However, I was fortunate to have the the opportunity to visit one of Woh Hup‘s construction sites as part of our customer visits. It was a very insightful experience as I was given front row seats to witness how our construction workers toil tirelessly under the hot sun. They do all the hard work for us, building the Singapore we live, work and play in. The visit got me appreciating our construction workers a lot more.
  • Seeing recent news about workplace deaths made me really sad. Our migrant construction workers leave behind kith and kin, coming to Singapore to work for their families with hopes to give them a better life. Sadly, not all are able to return. So even as a 19-year-old young buck, I should cherish life a lot more and do my best to make our workers’ lives safer.

Does construction necessarily mean danger?

PM Lee’s Facebook post highlighted that “We have made good progress.”. Doesn’t this show that workplace fatalities can be reduced?

The first step is to make safety part of COMPANY CULTURE.

Every company must treat safety as a no-compromise must-have. It starts top-down, from the company’s leadership. That our workers’ lives are important, and one death is one death too many.

From culture comes POLICIES & PROCEDURES. Company management must do proper risk-assessments and institute Workplace Safety & Health (“WSH”) frameworks and detailed rules which must be adhered by EVERYONE. Some of which include, not leaving any floor openings unprotected and report to the Safety Personnel immediately to have it covered up, and always ensure that you are equipped with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when handling chemicals. Simple safety rules are often overlooked and taken for granted, but they are there for a reason (to keep everyone safe). 

Next, TRAINING. Every construction staff and worker must be trained in the basics of safety and what are the DOs and DON’Ts at the worksite.

Creating Effective Construction Safety Training

Construction Safety Training should not be thick binders of rules & policies, or 100-slide powerpoint presentations.

No-one can absorb all that information at one-go. Not a PhD, less likely a lower-educated construction worker whose native language is not even English.

Instead, we should make training materials rich-media focussed and interactive. Like this example:

Special thanks to Woh Hup for hosting our visit to their site, as well as treating Worker Safety seriously. Here are some of the data we received from them after using ArcLab:

  • On average, Woh Hup managed to save 47% training time and  over 95% of their workers found ArcLab modules simple and easy to use.
  • Their training departments are able to save up to 200 hours every year

With ArcLab, safety managers can digitise all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), as well as WSH policies & training materials. 

Create engaging and effective training modules for your staff with images and videos embedded to help facilitate their learning. Interactive quizzes, short-answer or open-ended questions to help ensure your employees understood the module.

For the employers, create one short, bite-sized learning modules to be sent to all your workers. Our SmartTranslate feature allows workers to select their preferred language so safety managers don’t have to create same modules in different languages. Our Learner Management System also helps you keep track of every learner’s progress with a simple dashboard. ArcLab helps move safety training direct to workers’ mobile phones, so safety managers can save time spent on physical training and channel time to higher-productivity tasks.


One fatality is one fatality too many. 

Especially in times like now, during this safety time-out, where organisations are revising safety procedures with their staff as well as conducting risk assessments at the same time, this is the best time to use an interactive learning platform like ArcLab to get everyone in the company trained in important WSH training.

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Top ArcLab Discover Templates

Arclab is a Nano learning platform that allows organisations to create bite-sized modules for their staff’s training.

ArcLab gives our users the freedom to design your own unique modules best suited for your staff. However, to help reduce time & effort needed to create your own modules from scratch, we have just the thing for you!

ArcLab Discover

Introducing ArcLab Discover, a platform where our Learning Design team has curated templates designed by builders from across the platform. 

Here are the top most popular templates from ArcLab Discover.

5. Workplace Health & Safety

There is no doubt that Workplace Health & Safety would be in our top 5 templates. 

No company wishes to have any kind of work accident or disaster. Not only does it put staffs’ health and safety at risk, workplace incidents also result in work stoppages, and decreases the workplace productivity.

Hence, to avoid workplace mishaps or accidents, safety must be reinforced, and what better way than to use ArcLab module to convey important Workplace Safety and Health dos & donts to your staff!

ArcLab’s module template includes some general workplace safety tips, so feel free to add on to make it your very own module.

Help ensure your colleagues are well-prepared and ready for work with one simple module. 

Click on the Workplace Safety module here to try it out!

4. Service Crew Onboarding (Chinese)

Up next in fourth place is our Service Crew Onboarding template written in the Chinese language. This highlights ArcLab’s proficiency to allow you to train your workforce in any language. 

No worries if Chinese is not the language you’re looking for. With ArcLab’s SmartTranslate feature, translate any of your modules with just a simple click! 

ArcLab’s SmartTranslate feature allows your learners to select their preferred language of choice, so there is no need to create a different module for another language. Features as such are implemented to cater to the convenience of our builders. Start building your first module now!

3. New Staff Onboarding

If you are one of the first few people to visit our homepage at,  you may find this template very familiar. In third place, it is none other than our New Staff Onboarding template. This module covers general procedures that should be carried out when conducting induction programmes for new staff and team members. The module also shows how ArcLab can help make onboarding smoother and easier for everyone. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Image from TAB

2. Visitor Health Declaration

Image from

With recent news on borders reopening in multiple countries, ArcLab’s Visitor Health Declaration template swoops in for second place! This module showcases the versatility of ArcLab, to be used for more than just onboarding and training.

Forms as such can be created as well to collect responses from a large number of people. In addition, with our new learner management system, it provides our builders with a dashboard collating every learners’ responses. This will help simplify data collection and tracking for you.

1. Customer Service Training

Drumroll please….. and first place goes to… Customer Service Training

Excellent customer service is a must-have in any industry involving interaction with potential customers or clients. Different types of customer service caters to customers in different industries, however basic manners, body language and knowledge of products are the standard expectation. How would you feel if staff attending to you have no clue about what they are selling?

This template will provide you with an interactive scenario where you have to learn quickly and display your knowledge on the product. Are you up for the challenge?

Image from SAP News Center

With that, our Customer Service Training template stays in the lead with many remixes from various builders. Will you be one of them? Or will you create your own?

Choose the best way to help you and your staff.