ArcLab User Clinic – Geofencing and much more

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ArcLab is building the world’s simplest training platform for organisations to upskill your deskless workforces.

Our regular User Clinics gather ArcLab customers and users to connect, learn and share all the benefits that Nano Learning and Just-in-Time Training has brought to their workforce and organisation. The ArcLab team also shares new features that we developed since the previous User Clinic, and explore how these can be used to create even better and more engaging training for organisations’ workforces.

In our second User Clinic of 2022, we welcomed ArcLab customers from several countries, including Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. 

We also announced new features to help organisations create more effective, engaging and secure training modules

For those who weren’t able to attend, this blog post details everything we debuted. And here’s the video too:


Now for everything new we announced to help you with your workforce training:


“Reorder” is ArcLab’s newest Assessment screen, which can be used to assess learners’ knowledge of procedures, steps or sequences. 

An example might be: 

“Arrange in order: the sequence of the 7 steps of proper handwashing”


Reorder: What are the 5 steps in marinating this chicken dish?

“Reorder” can be used for assessments as described above, or toggle the “Quiz” setting to “Poll”, and you can use it to survey your staff or any audience’s preferences ranked against the other options.

Full details are in the Reorder section of our Knowledge Base.


Geofencing is a new security measure that you can add to your modules, especially if they contain sensitive or proprietary content.

Geofencing allows you to restrict learners’ module access to specific geographical locations such as your outlets, worksites or offices. Geofencing uses the Global Positioning System (“GPS”) information from your learner’s mobile device to detect if they are within or outside the virtual boundary set up by you. Learners will then only be able to gain access your geofenced modules when their devices’ GPS detects that they are within the pre-defined geographical location.

Other innovative ways of using Geofencing is for onboarding or team-building exercises, where your staffs’ access to specific modules are unlocked at specific locations as part of a series of tasks or “missions”. 

For example, one of ArcLab’s customers used geofenced modules as part of an “Amazing Race” in their new staff onboarding activity. As this organisation had locations all across the country, this was a great way for new staff to visit each location and get to meet the people who work in each location. A great way to conduction an onboarding and induction programme, if you ask us!

What other ways do you think Geofencing can be used for your onboarding, training or HR programmes? Let us know!

Geofencing is currently an Opt-In feature, so drop us a note if you’d like to get onboard.

Learner Access Metrics

We introduced Monthly Learner Access reports so you receive periodic email updates on how many learners have accessed your ArcLab modules. Look out for these on the first day of every month.

We also added a dedicated dashboard where admins & managers can check on these Learner Access metrics at any time. This gives you an idea of the level of engagement from your learners on a month-to-month basis, and give you better control on how you would deploy and manage learner access across your organisation.

Learner Access Metrics can be accessed easily via the top right of your ArcLab Dashboard:

Learn more about your Learner Access Metrics Dashboard in our Knowledge Base.

Upskill your Workforce today

Massive thanks to everyone who took time out of your busy schedules to join our 2nd User Clinic of 2022. We hope to host an in-person User Clinic very soon – stay in touch via our mailers & social channels.

Meanwhile, we keep working to help you create continuous upskilling programmes for your workforce, and build better and more productive organisations. 

Thank you for Creating Effective Training with ArcLab!

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