ArcLab User Clinic – Learner Analytics and Improving ROI of Training

ArcLab is building the world’s simplest training platform for organisations to upskill your deskless workforces.

Our regular User Clinics gather ArcLab customers and users to connect, learn and share all the benefits that Nano Learning and Just-in-Time Training has brought to their workforce and organisation. The ArcLab team also shares new features that we developed since our User Clinic, and explore how these can be used to create even better and more engaging training for organisations’ workforces.

Our first User Clinic of 2023 centred around Learner Analytics and the Measurement of Training Return on Investment (ROI). 

We had the pleasure to welcome ArcLab’s Advisory Board Member – Dr Karin Avnit, Associate Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology (“SIT”) and Deputy Director (Tech-Enabled Learning) of SIT’s Centre of Learner Assessment & Development – to share on how we think about Measuring & Improving the ROI of Training.

Here’s what Dr Karin shared:

Our CEO James also shared about ArcLab’s Learner Analytics Features, which you can read in detail via our Knowledge Base:

Massive thanks to everyone who took time out of your busy schedules to join our User Clinic of. We hope to host an in-person User Clinic very soon – stay in touch via our mailers & social channels.

Meanwhile, we keep working to help you create continuous upskilling programmes for your workforce, and build better and more productive organisations. 

Thank you for Creating Effective Training with ArcLab!

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