Top Articles of 2022

Recapping our Top Articles from 2022

As we enter the final stretch of 2022, we recap our top articles from this year:

1. How to Train F&B Staff, co-authored with Passioneat Hospitality – shares how a trained workforce is the biggest contributor to the success of any F&B organisation, and how you can achieve this for your business. 

2. Body Language for Customer Service shares how effective body language is key to creating your well-trained sales force and customer service team. We also share free templates from ArcLab Discover.

3. Melabur Untuk Perkembangan Perniagaan shares in Bahasa Melayu – all the ArcLab Use Cases that our customers use us for, including digital Standard Operating Procedures (“DSOPs”). Also read the English version Investing in Intangibles for Growth & Productivity

Rounding off, we have:

4. Nano Learning – Simple, Effective, Scalable Training for New & Replacement Workers

5. How can F&B outlets attract new hires & retain existing staff – discussing the importance of a comprehensive L&D programme in making jobs in the food & beverage industries attractive for would-be and existing workers to build their careers, and increase employer loyalty.

6. Streamline Business Processes with Digital SOPs – where we share how documenting procedures is an important way to get staff up-to-speed quickly, and also share various digital SOP templates such as Operating a Point-of-Sale System (“POS”).

7. Construction is NOT Dangerous – which shares about how to effectively conduct Workplace Safety & Health Training (“WSH”) for construction workers.

8. How to Onboard & Orientate your Deskless Workforce – A Fast & Easy Way to conduct staff onboarding, orientation, induction programmes

What's in store next year...

As ArcLab continues to serve our existing customers, extend into new markets like Malaysia & Vietnam, and grow into new sectors (e.g. Logistics and Supply Chain), we’ll keep sharing what we learn in our work serving organisations’ skilling of workers.

At the same time, we keep investing resources into building out the ArcLab platform, while staying true to our vision to always be the simplest and most fuss-free way to digitally skill the most important part of your organisation – your people.

We hope you continue to find our sharing useful as you upskill your workforce to be more productive for your organisation, this year and next.

Best wishes for 2023!