The BEST Way To Train F&B Staff

The face of your F&B business

One of the most important factors that makes or breaks a business in the F&B industry is its staff, as they have the most interaction with customers. To maintain a good reputation and build rapport with your customers, your business has to ensure that all staff are well-trained, be it front-of-house or back-of-house staff. Every restaurant’s goal is to provide customers with excellent service and meal. To give your customers the best dining experience you can, these are some of the basic F&B staff training points:

  • Meeting Safety & Health requirements
  • Quick service to reduce customer waiting time
  • Familiarity with company and its products
  • Effective communication with confidence
  • Body language for customer service
  • Understanding of company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Training your F&B staff

Training F&B staff can be tedious and laborious, especially with so many rules, including those listed above. With company rules, guidelines, as well as SOPs, thick binders and 100-slide powerpoints have been the most common method of training for a long time. It’s time for change.

MOBILE Training your F&B staff

Mobile Training

Mobile training is a method of training in the flow of work for your F&B staff, which digitalises training documents into small, bite-sized modules for better understanding and more effective learning. Most studies have shown that the  maximum attention span of an average adult is 20 minutes. 

Thick binders and long hours of training will limit the amount of information absorbed by the employee, hence multiple short training modules will allow training to increase in effectiveness.


ArcLab has built the World’s Simplest Training System to help your restaurant create, deliver and track training all at once.  Digitalised SOPs and training materials can be sent out to your employees with a simple click. With ArcLab, training modules become interactive and engaging with options to embed visuals, as well as create short quizzes to facilitate your staff’s learning. Try it for yourself via this embedded module.

ArcLab's F&B case study (4Fingers)

4Fingers is a Singapore-born restaurant chain specialising in crispy Asian-styled fried chicken, with over 60 outlets across Asia.

Before adopting ArcLab, 4Fingers‘ operational manuals and SOPs were documented in binders kept in each outlet. Updating new content was laborious and costly across the different outlets and countries. Longer training time was required due to limited resources at each outlet. Workers also had to review lengthy texts in the binders to find specific information.

ArcLab's solution to F&B training

With ArcLab, 4Fingers’ staff now have access to the operational manuals and SOPs on their mobile devices, enabling training to take place anytime, anywhere. The static hard-copy binders are also replaced with more engaging and effective learning modules filled with visuals and activities. For training managers, updating content becomes much faster as ArcLab supports real-time editing of all information stored in the digital SOPs.

Results have shown:

  • 4Fingers’ HR and field training team achieved up to 27 hours time savings per staff per month.
  • Staff reduce time away from kitchens or cash counters, increasing productive time
  • Trainers save time by being able to distribute training modules remotely to staff mobile devices. For additional security, proprietary training materials are geofenced for access only at outlets.