ArcLab Academy

Your helpful resource as you build modules for your learners on ArcLab. From features, to assessments to mobile learning andragogy

Get Started with ArcLab

In this first video, you will learn how to create your first free module (no sign-ups required!)

ArcLab Dashboard

A quick introduction to our Dashboard interface and basic features

Editor | Customise your Modules

In this video, we take you through each feature available to customise your free module with ArcLab

ArcLab Discover | Free Training Templates

Check out ArcLab Discover to access a myriad of free training templates to onboard, upskill, & train your Deskless Workforce.

SmartTranslate | Local Language Training

ArcLab SmartTranslate allows you to automatically translate your content of the modules into any language in a matter of seconds. Accessible and Inclusive training for all your learners, in their native language! 

Geofencing | Security

ArcLab Geofencing lets you restrict learners’ access to specific locations e.g. your outlets, worksite, or offices. This serves as an added layer of security for any sensitive or proprietary content in your training or SOP modules.

Reorder Screen | Assessments & Polls

ArcLab Reorder lets you test your learners’ understanding, especially for procedure-based steps (e.g. steps in operating a fire extinguisher). Also usable as a poll or to rank preferences.

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